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Avanti Slingshot

Avanti Slingshot is the only JDF-certified, cloud-based Print MIS in the market today. This award-winning platform incorporates business intelligence (CRM, dashboards and reporting), production planning (estimating, imposition, planned purchasing, sales orders, inventory management and scheduling), warehousing, shipping and billing into one easy-to-use, easy-to-implement system.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Browser-based, providing secure anywhere/anytime access on any device.
  • Supports multiple lines of business including offset, digital, large format, fulfillment, mailing and marketing services.
  • Award-winning JDF integration, connecting “islands of automation”.
  • Designed to dramatically decrease implementation time through Estimating Standards library, import/migration tools and a QuickStart Database.
  • Intuitive User Interface reduces end user training time.

Avanti Slingshot has streamlined our estimation process and allowed us to capture all our costs. I no longer need to be tied to my desk in order to manage effectively. I can create an estimate right in a customer’s office, or access my operation from any laptop or mobile device using just a browser.

Cathy Skoglund, Manager of Operations & Business, Arizona State University
Discover how Arizona State University Tackles Big MIS Challenges with an Avanti Slingshot


Helping Customers Realize a rapid ROI

Historically, one of the barriers to implementing Print MIS systems has been the amount of effort required to take a new system live. Avanti has invested heavily, as part of the development of Avanti Slingshot, to reduce the level of effort and amount of time required to get the system up and running. In an effort to ensure you are able to bring Avanti Slingshot live as soon as possible, each system ships with a QuickStart Database, an Estimating Standards Library, and migration and import tools, dramatically streamlining the transition from an existing system.

A more detailed look:

Avanti Slingshot was built from the ground up to handle large format, digital, conventional print and fulfillment workflows.

The result of more than 5 years of research and development, this award-winning platform leverages advice from industry thought-leaders, customers of all sizes, and a rich 30+ year history in this specialized market area.

Avanti Slingshot has an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).  It offers built-in intelligence to guide users through the workflow, presenting information when and where it’s needed.  It’s browser-based, device-independent and database-agnostic, and can be accessed anywhere/anytime. It can be cloud-based or hosted on-premise.

A robust Application Programming Interface (API) and the leveraging of industry-standard protocols like JDF and XML enable communication with key applications, such as web-to-print, pre-press, post-press and production equipment. By communicating with third-party systems and equipment throughout the shop, Avanti Slingshot eliminates costly, time-consuming manual steps.

The structure is scalable and supports companies of all sizes, including multi-company, multi-division, multi-plant and franchise operations. For global clients, it provides localization, with region-specific settings such as date, language, currency, address and phone number.

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Avanti Slingshot was recognized at PRINT13 and Graph Expo 14 with MUST SEE’EMs

Avanti Slingshot was awarded two MUST SEE’EMs at Graph Expo 15 for Avanti Slingshot modules:
Grand Format Estimating and Automated Press Sheet Optimizer 
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